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Noemi Alexandra Nevarez is Casa Castro Homes + Design Founder & Creative Director. This Latina + Woman-Owned Design Firm is currently based in PHX, Arizona’s booming West Valley. She began as a Realtor® in her native home of the SF Bay Area, California, where she currently helps guide + support her clientele locate & sell their investment properties. Prior to finding her passion in interior design & real estate, she came from a background in emergency medicine, working as an EMT, while volunteering at fire departments, and working at local Bay Area hospitals like Stanford Healthcare.

After spending some time in real estate and staging her own listings, she remembered her first aspiration of being an interior designer when she was just 5 years old. When Noemi started seeing the success her clients were experiencing from properly prepping and professionally staging their homes, Noemi decided to fulfill her entrepreneurial spirit by going for her childhood dreams, and start her own interior design firm.

Having developed the skills and mindset to handle high stress situations with calm and poise, Noemi now brings her expertise and knowledge to Casa Castro Homes + Design, LLC.

When Noemi isn’t working with clients and delving into the world of interior design or her other creative pursuits, she re-charges by spending time with her close family + friends, her furry pets, Andy + Ayva, riding horses, spending time outside, traveling, volunteering her time at horse rescues in Arizona, and learning new skills and languages.


- Noemi Alexandra Nevarez

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Minimal neutral tone living room and dinning room design staging by casa castro homes
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